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Voici la première interview d'un Maniac !! veuillez comprendre par ce surnom, un collectionneur d'une part et d'autre part une personne qui investie aussi ses ressources dans la promotion de son ou ses groupes favoris. 
J'espère vous démontrer que les Maniacs autant que les musiciens ont une place importante dans un contexte de complexification du marché de la musique. Je veux aussi vous démontrer que le public s'inscrit aujourd'hui dans une relation dynamique et qu'ils sont tout à fait capables d'aider les groupes dans leurs différents travaux. 
Cette interview est j'espère la première d'une longue série et désolé pour les amis français car elle est en anglais. En même temps, les français doivent être bilingue anglais normalement?
Voici donc Ryan LE plus grand collectionneur du groupe de Death Melodique Suèdois IN FLAMES (entre autres), mais je vais finir-là et lui transmettre la parole...

Can you make a short description of you?

Simply put, I am a music lover born in Cornwall, Ontario. Roughly an hour from Canada’s capital of Ottawa. Growing up, music was always around me. While I love most forms of music, it was around the age of 12 that I developed my passion for heavy music. Being alienated by most of my peers, Metal was a way to deal with feelings of aggression in a non threatening way to others. As an adult, I consider myself a professional music collector. I’ll collect just about anything of interest from a band I love.

Which band do you collect?

In the beginning I started out as a Metallica collector as they are my favourite band. I discovered this website – Sadly, the site has been taken down as the owner, Hector, sold off his collection. That was my inspiration to collect. Seeing all the different versions and releases...I had do to it. The amount of Metallica items to collect started to get out of hand with no end in sight. So I decided I’d make a comprehensive collection for Sweden’s In Flames, my other favourite band. I had seen some discographies listed for In Flames but they were lacking many of the items I had. I wanted to make a more comprehensive list . While In Flames is now my main focus, I also look for interesting items by other artists I enjoy.

Can you describe your collection (How many pieces, format, etc…)?

My entire collection is about 2800 CD’s (December 2011). That includes counting 2CD sets and 9CD box sets as one. So it’s really 2800 CD releases. I’ve taken an interest in vinyl over the past 5 years or so and have about 450 pieces in various vinyl formats that include 7”, 10” and 12”. I have about 100 cassettes and 1 ‘8 track’. I always get asked which 8 track it is. Fly By Night by Rush. I also have many posters, autographs and pictures of me with various bands.

Have you interesting information’s or tracks on your collection?

I have some rare versions of songs in my collection, as well as bonus tracks that come with certain editions of albums. One of the appeals of collecting certain editions of albums are the bonus tracks that follow. For example, if you buy the Japan edition of In Flames Sounds Of A Playground Fading, you get Deliver Us instrumental as a bonus track. MOST Japanese releases feature bonus songs. Sometimes more than one. I also own the vinyl for In Your Honor by the American band Foo Fighters. The vinyl release features a track titled "The End”.  These are just some examples.  A favourite Metallica promotional CD I have is titled Poor Touring Me. This CD contains songs from the VHS home video Cunning Stunts. That particular CD was an Australian only promotional CD.

What is your favorite piece? Why?

Such a tough question as I have many. The Black-Ash Inheritance uncut 12” vinyl by In Flames is probably my favourite. Not only is it limited to 20 copies, it’s just a beauty to look at. It was released by Night Of The Vinyl Dead. The commercial version was shaped and hand numbered to 555 copies. I’m also quite fond of a Metallica fan club magazine that was mailed to me by my good friend Jim Hoekstra. It’s personally signed from James Hetfield to myself. I could probably film a video to answer this question while I show off my passion for my favourite pieces. Perhaps in a second interview?

Have you promotional items also? Can you describe them?

My collection contains various promotional CD’s, Vinyl and Cassettes which are very appealing to collectors. Many promotional CD’s and vinyl contain exclusive artwork. Sometimes they contain promotional only songs, or rare versions of songs. I also have some physical promotional items such as my In Flames Reroute To Remain matches. There is one promotional item I am seeking for my collection. Alice In Chains has a promotional glass jar that has the band’s logo printed on it and contains a bunch of plastic flies. This was a promotional item for the band’s EP Jar Of Flies.

Where do you buy your pieces? And how you search your pieces?

Ebay has been an invaluable source. It is a collector’s best chance at obtaining out of print items. I also have some private contacts I have made through the years. Ebay lead me to form many friendships with fellow collectors. We now trade privately. Another great way to get some items is to pre-order them before they are available. This can often be done through a band’s official website. If the pre-order item is limited and you miss out? You’ll have to wait for it to surface on ebay or some other auction sites and sadly pay more. Being a fanclub member to certain bands is also good as they often contain fanclub only releases. 

Have you a website? Do you show your collection on others websites?

I have a website which shows off my In Flames collection. You can view it as My future goes is to create a website that shows off my entire collection with details about items. Many bands... 

Thanks for all Ryan, as we say in France "Avec grand plaisir..." (with great pleasure) you can come back for the second interview...

Collection of Ryan
you can download the photos if you want to see more details because they are lossless.

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