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Voici la seconde interview d'un maniac, j'ai l'honneur de vous présenter Kevin, il aime le Black Metal mais aussi et Zarach Baal Tharagh, groupe français, c'est donc pour moi un plaisir de vous présenter quelqu'un qui apprécie les groupes de mon pays !!!
De plus, je lui dis un GRAND MERCI, car je viens tout juste de recevoir un lot de flyers qu'il m'a gracieusement offert !!!

Presents of Kevin, promo lot of flyers & the fanzine "The Abyss"

Can you make a short description of you?

Well...I am a 35year old Black Metal maniac with strong Punk and Oi! ties. I've been collecting, listening and playing extreme metal since I was about 12years old. And yes I saw the rise of the second wave black metal and participated actively in it ;-) I think I spend about 15 years with listening only to black metal when I re-discoverd punk and Oi!...Nowadays about 75% of my time goes to old school black metal and the rest to punk etc. I listen to music for about 2 or 3h a day
My style ranges from buddy holly, to Ramones over to stuff like Nhaavah and Goatfago (check them out of you are into Beherit!!!)
I was really into Satanism back then with burning upside down crosses in my arm etc, reading everything on religions, mysticism and phylosophy
I played as opening act for Impaled Nazarene (one of the bands I collect), Ancient rites, Marduk, Gehenna, Mysticum when I was playing in  a Black/doom band Thorax. After the split I went on to play Streetpunk with Pandaz where I did gigs with GBH, Casualties, Ignite etc.
10 years later I still play punk with the Loveables and try to get my black/noise project going. That last one is not easy because where the hell can you find dedicated people with the same view on black metal....
I have about 1800 black metal cd's, 200 demotapes, 190 tapes, 350 lp's, 150ep's.About 300 punk cd's, 100 lp's (january 2012) NO DOWNLOADS and I try to minimalize bootlegs...but of course some like Venom's 'Doomed to live' I can not refuse ;-)

Which band do you collect?

I collect mostly early to mid 90's black metal/grindcore.
I used to collect Alice Cooper...and still have nearly every LP and about 50ep's from him.
I collect Impaled Nazarene , I have 4 version of 'Toll crompt...', all versions of 'suomi finland perkele' Just bought the re release of 4 ep's on Osmose each different format (blood red, silver, black,) even though I have the original releases...)
Same goes for Necromantia, I have the demo's side project ect I am only still searching for a good copy of the split LP with Varathron on black power records
Napalm Death is also a band I deeply goes even that far that I collect release from members of Napalm Death and of cour I have 'Scum' in about 5 different versions...only missing 2 ep's from them and that flexi one that came out last year with decibel magazine. I even have scum tattooed on my back in the form of the Carcass logo because 'Scum' from Napalm Death and the first 4 Carcass releases are something special for me 
Another band I Zarach 'baal' Tharagh from France...I discovered them when he release the 'necromantia' ep and since then whenever I find a demo or cd-r from him I have to buy it...he has about 140 releases in the past 10years or so...I have about 60 of them. 2 years ago we started chatting and now I am negotiating with him to do a very special release ( special format, something really unique for this unique tormenting music)
Satanic Forest a band from Brazil that i really like I have all his release except for 1 ;-) ( hint Kavera ;p)
and of course black meta from the mid 90's and punk like Evil Conduct, The Business, the Ramones, The Queers are all bands I have every release lying here
What is your favorite piece? Why?

necromantia 'scarlet evil witching black' digi cd with single because this is a great release and looks awesome. Listen to those melodies, the aggression, the oveal tone and this with 2 basses and hardly any guitar
mayhem 'deathcrusch' original lp with signature because I just got it from Euronymus a few weeks before he died
moonblood 'taste or German steel' because of the greatness and so limited to 100pieces. But on the other hand almost everything was really limited from Moonblood.
profanatica 'the grand masters session' wooden bow with 3* 8" ep's this sounds great and looks great!
Moloch 'pure antilife cult' box with 4 tapes and unreleased tracks in a hand made a4 paper tied together with rope of human hair if do not mistake and Ltd to 33pieces
and about a 12 more ;-)

Have you promotional items also? Can you describe them? material...actually not that much
I have a promo tape from Pest Noire 'macabre transcendence', Ulver promo for 'naatens', khold promo 'phantom' and some test pressings from Impaled Nazarene...Horrified  'in the gardens...' promo cd and test pressing lp... 
I do not have that much promo..I just discover I also Have two Rolling Stones promo tapes from the mid 80' that I had forgotten al about

Where do you buy your pieces? And how you search your pieces?

That really depends...I buy a lot of lp's from Osmose Productions. but also from a wide range of underground labels like 'Northern Heritage'  and 'le crepuscule du soir'  and from the bands itself...
Silver Key Records  from Denmark tends to release a lot of demo's that I like
Last month I ordered from Withching Hour Productions  in Poland and they were very professional
also buy from the discogs site from time to time
I spend a lot of time on the internet...the Metal archives is a great source for metal/black metal etc. I also read a zine or 2 rock tribune and some underground mags.
I also use facebook and myspace to get in touch with bands. Latest discovery INFERNAL PUSSY, check them on you tube, all female black/thrash!!!!!!
From time to time also friends recommend a band, or I discover a new one at a gig or so...
I also do some trades with people I know
And I am always looking for specials like a package with shirt, lp, cd or so or the 4 lp re release from Master's Hammer first 2 lp's that everyone should have!

Have you a website? Do you show your collection on others websites? 

I use facebook a lot of people I guess...I show parts of my collection on it or when great stuff arrives and I have time i take a picture and show it to promote that band. It would be nice to do simething like the or the website, but I have no band from who I own really everything...I tend to keep it the way so that one or 2 pieces are missing so I can keep going on with the search ;-) because that's a much fun as having it ;-)

Collection of Kevin

Zarach Baal Tharagh Collection

Moloch Collection

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