GORGOROTH - Incipit Satan Live

This is a live a Gorogorth, recorded live in Europe'99, no location, Quality isn't good, Limited and handnumbered to 300 copies.

I've bought this tape to an italian dude who sell +5000 Rock CD's, link to his ebay account here or you can contact him through his mail

01 The Devil is Calling
02 Incipit Satan
03 Profeten Apenbaring
04 Possessed (By Satan)
05 Odeleggelse Og Undergang
06 Unchain my Heart!!!

Due to Megaupload's death, laws PIPA/SOPA & HADOPI (French SOPA), I refuse to put in free download music (Soul food) under copyright. Every file on free download on this blog has the authorization of the artist or the music is not protected.
If you begin to be scum due to lake of culture, THIS IS NOT MY FAULT

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